Ways you can Support Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Worldwide Marriage Encounter started in 1952 when a Spanish priest began developing a series of conferences for married couples.  By 1969 American couples were presenting weekends in the states.  Since then, over 1,600,000 couples and 24,000 priests have attended weekends. Currently Worldwide Marriage Encounter presents in 98 countries, 2181 weekends/year and with over 31,000 couples and 650 priests completing their weekends annually, making it the largest pro marriage movement in the world.  

Many couples and priests in the early years of Worldwide Marriage Encounter sacrificed in order to make it possible for the Weekend to happen, they are - ordinary couples and priests. They took it one Weekend at a time, one city at a time. They had jobs, families, mortgages, and parish responsibilities. They also had a vision of a world transformed by love and believed passionately in the mission to renew our Church. 

Time and Talent

As you heard in the weekend talks and saw on the Continuing the Journey Form, there are many ways you can give back to WWME and help make these weekends possible for other couples.  Simply sharing what your weekend did for you with your priests, friends and family.  Also, with the help of the Holy Spirit, encountered couple’s time and talent create the vehicle for future weekends.  If you didn’t get a chance to fill out a form and would like to donate your time and talent, please contact leaders@dfwme.org with ways you can help.


Worldwide Marriage Encounter's ability to continue presenting weekends depends on the generosity of those that have attended weekends. We welcome any additional donations you choose to make.
Donate Online
All donations in excess of the cost of food and lodging on your weekend are tax deductible and will be acknowledged by a letter to support your tax deduction. You may want to check with your employer to see if they offer matching gift programs to help your gift go further.  Your additional donations can be made by credit card (Master Card, Visa or Discover) or by check (payable to Marriage Encounter). Donations can be mailed to:
Worldwide Marriage Encounter
c/o Allen & Monika Fields   4368 Loma Alegre    El Paso, TX 79934
Or you can make a donation online with the Donate button below.
For further information, please contact Allen & Monika Fields, 915-822-3974 or financecouple@wwme10.org

In addition to direct help for our Weekends, WWME has established a fund to help pay for Team Training. The Fr. Chuck Gallagher, S.J. Legacy Fund is the official endowment fund of Worldwide Marriage Encounter that directly funds Leadership Training and Development of couples and priests for continuing Father Chuck’s dream to bring Marriage Encounter Weekends to couples around the world.  Created in 2014, the Legacy Fund helps us keep our movement alive and strong.  

Help us with our mission to change the world, one couple and priest at a time!


Corporate Matching Donations to Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Did you know that many corporations want to support the causes that their employees care about, so they set up charitable giving programs through which they match employee donations to eligible nonprofits?  Worldwide Marriage Encounter is a 501(c) 3 organization and likely eligible for these programs.  Why not help your gift go further by checking with your workplace to see if they match donations.  

How do I get my company to match donations?  Companies vary on their policy so it’s best to ask your HR department if they match and what their procedure is to best go about increasing yours+their donation to Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

Amazon Shopping with our WWME Amazon Link

If you shop Amazon, please consider placing your orders through our Amazon Associates Account.  Your purchase gives WWME a percentage of their profit from the sale.  To find our WWME Amazon Associates Link, go to www.dfwme.org/amazon and follow the instructions to the WWME Amazon page and begin shopping.  

Help us with our mission to change the world, one couple and priest at a time!