Weekends - Apply

    You've made the first step to attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend.

If you have any difficulties applying online (especially with an IPad or IPhone), please contact us, below and we'll happily assist you.

For couples attending the weekend, there is an application fee of $100.  At the end of the weekend there will be an opportunity for a free-will donation.

Please note:  If you are using a device vs. a computer you might experience issues.  We recommend you use a PC to apply for the weekend.
Bryan & Melissa Causey, Applications:
214-709-4678 or apply@dfwme.org

Please Note: Worldwide Marriage Encounter is for married couples.  If you are looking for a Marriage Prep (PRE WEDDING) weekend,
please contact your parish or diocesan Marriage and Family Life office for available programs, in your area.