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Sharing Group Meetings

After attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend, all are welcome and encouraged to join a sharing group.

Belonging to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Community through sharing groups is like having an extended family; people who genuinely care about you and are there to share your good times and walk with you during your troubled times.

A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Sharing group is a group of couples that have experienced a Marriage Encounter Weekend. The sharing groups meet regularly, a presentation is given followed by dialogue time and sharing.  The sharing is optional; no one is required to share.  The meeting usually include prayer, socializing and delicious pot luck food.  Feel free to contact a sharing group leader in your area to get involved in their circle. 

Sharing Group Activites

In addition to the regular meeting, some sharing groups plan family activities such as summer cookouts, Christmas Caroling, 4th of July Parties, ice skating, birthday celebrations, baby showers. 

Some gather on a separate night with their families to pray the Rosary. 

Sharing groups are formed throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth/East Texas area.  It is suggested that a couple join a group that is nearest their home.  However, you are welcome to join any group that meets your needs and schedule.

Sharing Groups Map and Contacts


East Texas (ALL) - Thomas & Marcie Henry 

972-745-6759  easttexas@dfwme.org


Cowtown Cuddlers (CC) -Kevin & Wendi O’Brien 

K: 817-213-7885 W: 940-456-6106  cowtowncuddlers@dfwme.org


Frisco Honeymooners (FH) - Bryan & Melissa Causey  214-709-4677  stfrancis@dfwme.org


Lakeside Lovers (LL) - Ken & Cathy Gelzleichter  972-219-9027  lakesidelovers@dfwme.org


Mid City Sacraments (MCS) - Rick & Erika Choffel 

R: 214-696-8960 E: 214-402-9849  midcitiessacraments@dfwme.org


Matrimony Majesties (M&M) - Randy & Liz Moore  

972-333-3850   quadc@dfwme.org


Red River Romantics (RRR) - Jason & Brenda Clark  



St. Catherine of Siena (STC) - Tom and Annette Snodgrass  

972-939-7967 stcatherine@dfwme.org


St. Joseph’s (STJ) - Harlan & Barbara Seagren  

972-495-0338 stjoseph@dfwme.org


Southern Sweethearts (SS) - Jairo & Olivia Hernandez 

J: 512-633-7494 O: 512-633-6495 southernsweethearts@dfwme.org


Texoma Soulmates (TS)Tom & Lisa Linnebur  

903-271-6290  texomalovers@dfwme.org